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Hi, I'm bri

I'm Brianna! I have been writing since I was roughly 12. I lost touch with my passion when I went to college, but shortly before I graduated, I rekindled my love for it and have been running ever since.

I am a recruiter by day, Indie Fantasy Author by night. Naturally... that means I don't sleep. If you want to chat more, send a message in the built-in chat or subscribe to my mailing list!

Check out my debut release, "The House of Dragon Blood," today!

My Books

The House of  Dragon Blood

The Rune Thief

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Come join the discord

I have the forum on this website, and tiktok, but I wanted a place where we can all interact with each other openly. Whether it's about my book, or about reading/writing in general, this will be a fun place to simply exist!

Link below :) 

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