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The Rune Thief - Signed Bundle

Signed Book!
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Would you die for love?

A Realm Uncovered...

When enemies and unlikely allies crawl out of the darkest crevices of Denzethea, Varin and Cateline discover that history as they know is about to be turned on its side. Life, death, and war will forever have new meanings.

Blood for Blood...
As Cateline discovers how far her power can take her, the consequences of her own morality and sanity become a bigger issue than she could have ever hoped. Lies continue to blur the line between love and hate, and when a puppeteer strings the runed mages to a hidden tomb, their decision could test the boundaries that are already balanced on a thin string.

With death blossoming on the horizon, a sound mind becomes a fool's dream.

A Revival of Power...
Through blood, strife, and chaos, magic slithers across the lands in ways it never had before. It forms a divide between Cateline and the person she had come to love, and when it's time for her to face her decision, the aftermath serves to be more dire than she could have ever hoped for.

With war, there is loss. And with love woven in the mayhem of it all, well. . . all hope vanishes.


In this bundle, you will receive:

  • 1 Signed Standard Edition Paperback (6x9 inches)
  • 1 Character art print
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