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The Runed Series
The House of Dragon Bloo
The Rune Thief
A Crown of Ash & Silver

The Land of Fae has been untouchable for two-hundred years. Buried beneath ash, war, and magic, the fae existed only in memory. Banished were the forgotten and evil creatures. But when a mortal queen bargains with the cruelest of fae kings to save her lands, it comes at the sacrifice of one girl.


Aurelie Cane is many things. She is sly, charming, and smart, but above all else, she is headstrong. After striking a deal with a slimy merchant, she finds herself thrust into a world of myth and chaos.

When the fae king gets his hands on her, he discovers just how relentlessly stubborn she can be.

Stuck in the fae realm with no way out, Aurelie uncovers the truth about her bloodline, magic, and legacy.

Despite her animosity, it is the cruel fae king of the Winter Court who unravels the strings that have been holding everything together. At the will of blind darkness, she expects to never return to the life she once had.

Bound by a centuries-old treaty that divides the fae and mortal realms, she must uncover the dark, intimate secrets of the long-forgotten war. Evil shines brighter than the summer sun, and the good she once knew is no better than poison in her heart.

To uphold a treaty of death, or to resurrect a hidden evil... Her choice could be enough to engulf the world in flames.

Tentative Release​ August 2023

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