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The Runed Series
The House of Dragon Bloo
The House of Dragon Blood


To be forgotten was inevitable, but to forget was not an option. A world once forged in fire and ice was now nothing more than ruins and myth, but when word of a legend resurfaces and threatens the makeup of magic, time, and morality, a group of mages must act before their world crumbles to ruin. 


Cateline, a since forgotten princess turned amateur mage, and Varin, a warrior with no fight to lead, must band together and choose between two sides. To believe in and fulfill a prophecy was heresy, and could cost them the world as they knew it, but to side with humanity and prevent a war of supernatural powers was an impossible task. 


However passionately they may loathe each other, through their strife they find the line between hatred and love is thinner than they would ever have imagined...


After surviving journeys of love, loss, and magic, this group of mages must decide the lesser of two evils and fulfill their promise. 


But, when a liar emerges, it pushes the boundaries of newfound love and resurrects dreadful rage that could turn the tides. 

The Rune Thief
The Rune Thief


When enemies and unlikely allies crawl out of the darkest crevices of Denzethea, Varin and Cateline discover that history as they know is about to be turned on its side. Life, death, and war will forever have new meanings.


When Cateline discovers how far her power can take her, the consequences of her own morality and sanity become a bigger issue than she could have ever hoped. Lies continue to blur the line between love and hate. When a puppeteer strings the runed mages to a hidden tomb, their decision could test the boundaries already balanced on a thin string.
When war blossoms on the horizon for a second time, sanity becomes a fool's dream.


Through blood, strife, and chaos, magic crawls across the lands in ways it never had before. It slithers between Cateline and the person she had come to love. When she must face her decision, the aftermath serves to be more dire than she could have ever hoped for.
When there is war, there is loss. And when there is love woven in the mayhem, well. . . All hope vanishes.

The Curse of Death & Time


Lost to a place long forgotten, Cateline must turn ash and soot into wealth and opportunity. The sun bleeds for no man while trapped in the wastelands of a fallen kingdom, and if she wants to make it out alive, she must master the things that terrify her.


In darkness, there is hope. When Cateline is forced to work alongside the few people she'd ever consider an enemy, she finds that the divide between a friend and foe is as thin as love and hate. 
Stuck with only her wits to guide her, she discovers that what she once thought to be evil could be the only thing keeping her alive. 


When evil beckons, it brought forth creatures that should only exist in stories designed to scare children. Lost souls bow to a crown covered in the blood of the fallen whom each owe their life not to the king, but to the Queen of Death herself. 

When Death requires a new reign, magic itself cowers at the sight of power. 

The Curse of Crowns & Fate


Separated from the woman he loves, Varin struggles to catch up with the speed of war, magic, and betrayal. A realm away from what he desires most, he must decide what is most important to him: sanity under the veil of love, or power under the veil of solitude.  


With the Firstborn resurrected, Varin forms an allegiance with old and new faces, rousing the alliances of powerful men all across Denzethea. When word of war bleeds red, he realizes he can't ignore his fate any longer. 


Eyes set on a crown that is not his, Varin fights against mortal men and women with magic that the world had not seen for over three-hundred years.


With power at his side, he will never have to sit idly by while those he loves most die.


But at what point does power turn to cruelty? 

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